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Inside Technologies: more than a partner


Inside Technologies offers solutions and services for IT world. The most established areas of action concern Private and Public Cloud, Virtualization, System Management, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Security & Identity Management, Collaboration and Mentoring. Founded and directed by a visionary expert, Silvio Di Benedetto, Inside Technologies meets the needs of companies of any size and in all sectors, offering end-to-end consulting for digital transformation with guaranteed ROI.


We are a trust-maker for innovation and we drive companies in Digital Transformation by supporting them through innovative technologies, optimizing the management of the entire Cloud infrastructure. In over 15 years of experience, we have acquired skills that are made available to our customers to achieve advanced and customized solutions on individual needs.


Research and Innovation are two of our pillars that every day help us to design new business models to help small and large companies to grow. We continually follow you to understand how to improve your internal processes and to optimize your costs by improving your productivity.


Innovation Inside our DNA


Thanks to our innovative nature, we are inside various Technology Adoption Program (TAP), which allow us to test the solutions that will come out on the market in advance. This allows us, not only to give our feedback during development, but also to better advise which solutions to implement on our customers, as well as having a vision in perspective.






There’s no more difference between small and large companies. Everyone needs to be available every day of the year!

Silvio Di Benedetto - Owner at Inside Technologies
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